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January 2016
    • Publisher's Note Highlights of the content provided in this issue o.
    • Meet the Contributors Read about the subject matter experts who made thi.
    • What Did You Do to De... A technological solution provides two key elements.
    • Key Communication Ski... Global payroll managers have to communicate a comp.
    • How Budget 2016 Impac... Every worker and pensioner will be financially bet.
    • Take Charge With a Gl... The author addresses the Global Payroll Control Fr.
    • What to Consider When... Paying expats in multiple countries or currencies .
    • Marcia Aamodt, Execut... Aamodt discusses the changing role of the global p.
    • Payments Banks to Cha... Payments banks are expected to change Indian consu.
    • Terminating an Employ... Vietnam’s labor laws are employee friendly, a fa.
    • Avoiding the Double-E... Cultural intelligence helps us to understand diffe.
    • Italy: Payout of TFR ... Employees in the private sector with at least six .
    • Vietnam: Do Not Forge... Don’t assume that payment of a trade union fee i.
    • Preparing for the EU... The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protectio.
    • Webinar Provides Tool... NGA’s Rob Hill led his audience through a tool t.
    • Trends in Global Payr... President of Multinational Clients (MNC) at ADP® .
    • Vendor News Industry developments from the global payroll vend.
    • Aggregators and the C... Any effort to provide standardized goods and servi.
    • The Shadow Payroll Ef... Shadow payroll enables global organizations with i.
    • Global Payroll Direct... Find the vendor to meet your global payroll needs.
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Trends in Global Payroll—Human Capital Management

President of Multinational Clients (MNC) at ADP® ruminates on the high-level trends of compliance, talent mobility, and integration.

How is the changing role of the global payroll professional—typified by greater interaction with the human resources department, data analysis, and strategic planning—making an impact in the field?

I think one of the most important changes payroll professionals are encountering is the truly “global” nature of their roles. 

This transition not only impacts large multinational companies, but also companies of all sizes that are better able to serve markets anywhere in the world. These days, more payroll organizations are supporting employees across geographies and countries. To do that effectively, they need to build skills to manage organizations, systems, and technologies that support multiple regulatory environments, laws, and compliance frameworks. This is quite a challenge.

Another important dynamic is the changing role of the global payroll professional as the keeper of valuable data that can help support not just HR but strategic business decisions.

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