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Access FREE world-class global payroll education and compliance resources: Subscribe


Managing Payroll Operations Across the Globe

Event Date:
26 Sep, 2019, 09:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time
  • In Person
26-27 September, 2019

Two-Day In-Person Course
14 St. Stephen's Green
Dublin, Ireland

Explore how people, processes, and technology interconnect as you lead a global payroll operation delivering timely payments and ensuring taxation and other compliance requirements are met. The Managing Payroll Operations Across the Globe certificate program will take a deep dive into your company’s payroll delivery model, the role of the governance committee, vendor management, data privacy, and providing sustainable business processes.

In-depth discussions around critical elements such as understanding different cultures, diversity and inclusion, and talent development will take place to ensure you can build a team to meet current and future needs for your organization.

This two-day certificate program will give you— the payroll leader—the tools and skills to establish business partnerships to be viewed as a dynamic, strategic leader.

Course Objectives
The course is designed to the meet the needs of payroll professionals managing payroll operations in one country or 20 or more countries.

  • Provide solid business strategies to lead a world-class payroll operation
  • Discuss the importance of culture, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and leading remote global teams
  • Discuss the tools needed to create a robust compliance and control model
  • Identify continuous process improvements, business strategies, and how to best manage vendor relationships

Module 1 – Strategy and Governance


  • Identify your organization’s strategic direction and the organizational structure to support the business needs
  • Review your organization’s mission, vision, and objectives
  • Monitor and review the service delivery model to ensure accurate and compliant payroll processing
  • Understand the importance of a robust governance structure that enables teams to carry out roles and responsibilities as assigned
  • Determine if your organization’s current technology roadmap enables emerging technologies, products, and processes

Module 2 – Leadership Management Across the Globe


  • Manage and develop a payroll operations team
  • Learn the importance of cultural differences and diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Discuss effective methods of communication around the globe
  • Lead an effective team through change to support all stakeholders and business partners

Module 3 – Managing Payroll Operations


  • Understand roles and responsibilities throughout payroll operations
  • Identify the goals of the relationship between the vendor and the organization
  • Determine continuous improvement strategies and process standardization across the globe
  • Review data privacy and how to map all data collected, identify who has access, and determine where it data is transferred
  • Identify the reports needed to demonstrate how payroll operations support the business operations

Module 4 – Compliance and Control


  • Identify the control and compliance needs of your organization
  • Review how to identify and assess risks
  • Design meaningful controls to support global payroll management